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Water Treatment Technology

The importance of the finish in compact clarifiers.

For certain types of water treatment, a small prefabricated compact clarifier will suffice. The manufacture of these models has evolved over the years. The first clarifiers were made of carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polyester) and had an exterior structure made of carbon steel, before we reached more modern models made of polypropylene with a carbon steel reinforcement structure.

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What is lamellar resilience?

In ecology, the term “resilience” refers to the ability of the environment to absorb disturbances without seeing its structure and functionality characteristics significantly altered, and to recover its original state once the disturbance is over.

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Does the scraper of a treatment plant have to work continuously?

Once, visiting a plant equipped with scrapers, we realized that these were not operating continuously and that the owners decided to stop them every once and a while. When we asked them why, they were not able to give us any technical reason that justified the stopping.

From our experience, we can say that the answer to the question is yes. Scrapers need to be constantly in operation and the example below will leave no doubts as to why it is so.

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What is NTU?

turbidezNTU stands for Nephelometric Turbidity unit, i.e. the unit used to measure the turbidity of a fluid or the presence of suspended particles in water. The higher the concentration of suspended solids in the water is, the dirtier it looks and the higher the turbidity is.

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The importance of the torque switches on scrapers installations

fotos2 021In scrapers installations for sludge removal, both circular and rectangular, it´s very important to incorporate a torque switch to protect the equipment from damage and downtime.

The torque switch is a component of the scraper that is installed on the control panel to prevent from possible damage due to mechanical over strength.

The function of the torque switch is to constantly monitor the rated current consumed by the electric motor, and when the equipment exceeds the value previously set, it automatically switches off the engine of the scraper.

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What’s the galvanic couple?

766px-Galvanic_corrosion-1bIn several installations circular stainless steel scrapers are usually requesting to incorporate joints between two different metals touching each other, such as stainless steel scraper parts and parts in carbon steel. And the galvanic couple causes the appearance of rust.

We consider it´s interesting to inform some important aspects about the galvanic couple:

Wikipedia’s definition: “A galvanic couple is a corrosive cell that is developed when two different metals are separated by electrolytes. In essence, it is the electrochemical action that is produced by the reaction of two dissimilar metals, given there is a path conducive to electrons and electrolytes. It can be identified by the existence of corrosion at a point located between the two metals”.

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Why stainless steel Thompson channels of a settler rust?

2014-09-25 13.50.49We recently visited a facility and realized that there was corrosion problems on the Thomson channels installed.

It is a common situation and truly is a problem: first aesthetic, because it can be seen perfectly by the user causing bad impression; and it ends up being a malfunction, because the channels begin to deteriorate and eventually have to be changed.

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