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Water Treatment Technology

TecnoConverting Engineering supplies several covers in Portugal

TecnoConverting Engineering supplies several FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polyester) covers for a treatment plant in Portugal. The 20-meter-diameter covers will be placed over the plant’s thickeners to avoid the bad smells they produce.

Thanks to its subsidiary in Portugal, TecnoConverting Engineering is consolidating its presence on the Portuguese market, establishing itself as the best solution for the design and supply of water treatment equipment. TecnoConverting Portugal is based in Porto, from where it supplies the whole country, as well as Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola…

TecnoConverting Engineering wins a contest in Madeira

TecnoConverting Engineering was chosen to supply equipment for one of Madeira island’s major water treatment plants. We were appointed to design, build and supply almost all the elements of the plant’s clarification system, i.e. the Tecno-Classic stainless steel scrapers, the supporting structure of the lamellar modules with the corresponding technical calculation report ensuring a load of 100% of sludge, the whole lamellar structure with its antiflotation system and stainless steel Thomson channels. The whole structure was built according to our Easy-Install system that ensures easy assembly and minimizes installation costs as it allows customers to use their own staff, avoiding the extra cost that sending specialists from Spain would incur.


Interview with Lidia Piqué, CEO of TecnoConverting, on the occasion of the company’s participation at WEFTEC 2017 in Chicago.

Lidia Pique

TecnoConverting Engineering is a leading company in the water treatment industry that specializes in clarification and inclined plate settlers. They engineer, design and assemble the best custom-made technical solutions for their customers.
One of 2017 major milestones for TecnoConverting is their participation as an exhibitor at WEFTEC, the world’s most important water fair that will take place in Chicago, October 2nd-4th, and where the company will introduce its complete range of products.
The following interview with CEO Lidia Piqué reveals the main reasons for their betting on WEFTEC 2017 as well as the solutions that will be available at TecnoConverting’s stand.

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TecnoConverting Engineering replaces several lamella clarifiers in France.

TecnoConverting Engineering was hired by one of France’s major companies in the water sector to replace several lamella clarifiers. First, we had to re-engineer the whole lamella clarification system to improve the existing efficiency. Second, we proceeded to installing the entire supporting structure, the lamellar modules and the antiflotation system.
The substitution was carried out in record time due to the client’s hurry to start operating. TecnoConverting Engineering continues its international expansion process with the implementation of different projects in Australia, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and Venezuela.

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TecnoConverting Engineering supplies several Techno-Classic scrapers in Mexico.

TecnoConverting Engineering consolidates its presence in Mexico with the supply of several Tecno-Classic scrapers.
The Easy-Install technology makes on-site assembly significantly easier, so reducing
both transport and labor costs, as there is no need to bring assembly specialists from abroad to perform the installation.

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A granulate removing siloxanes from biogas

Thanks to our partner BIOCONSERVACION, TecnoConverting Portugal supplied a LOCAL WWTP with a granulate composite that helps removing siloxanes from biogas.

If not removed, the siloxanes present in biogas can cause premature wear of energy-producing engines, increasing maintenance costs.
The granulate produced by BIOCONSERVACION reduces the amount of siloxanes in biogas, making it usable and minimizing siloxanes negative effects on the engine as well as maintenance costs of the latter.

TecnoConverting together with BIOCONSERVACION design and supply systems for the removal of siloxanes and H2S from biogas streams.

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TecnoConverting Portugal supplies several submersible mixers in South America

TecnoConverting Portugal, as part of the group’s expansion, supplied several submersible mixers for a plant in South America.
TecnoConverting’s Technical Department designed the equipment to be used by its client, based on the dimensions of the facilities and the mixing needs of the process.
With this new contract, TecnoConverting further consolidates its presence on the Latin American market.

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TecnoConverting Engineering pone en marcha varios rascadores circulares en Polonia

Los técnicos de TecnoConverting Engineering se desplazaron a Polonia para poner en marcha varios rascadores circulares Tecno Classic , la instalación se hizo dentro de una planta petrolífera y el cálculo de la decantación secundaria fue realizado por nuestro departamento de ingeniería. Los rascadores Tecno Classic fueron construidos en acero inoxidable, con un diseño modificado, para poder extraer la gran cantidad de sólidos que se producían en los decantadores.

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