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Water Treatment Technology

Lidia Piqué: “WEFTEC is the fastest way to meet all our customers”


Illinois (USA) will be hosting WEFTEC, the world’s largest annual water quality technical conference and exhibition from October 2nd to 4th. We seized the opportunity of TecnoConverting Engineering‘s participating in the fair to interview the CEO, Lidia Piqué.

Question: Over the last few months, we have informed our readers about your work in Latin America. In which countries do you work there?

Answer: We are currently working in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, etc.

Q: How receptive have these markets proven to be to your products and technologies?

A: The truth is that the level of responsiveness has been excellent. In Spain, customers hardly value engineering, whereas in Latin America it is considered as an added value that makes a customer stand out from the competition. This allows us to offer better solutions to our customers.

Q: What makes you different from what was previously being offered?

“At our stand, customers will be able to get a taste of TecnoConverting Engineering’s full potential”

A: Focusing on the European market for so many years and working with leading construction companies in countries such as Spain, Germany, United Kingdom or France has made our know-how one of the best in the world. Exporting all this knowledge to Spanish-speaking South American markets has allowed projects integrating our technology to raise to a level far above the one our customers are used to, leading us to getting more and more projects. In South America, a client working with TecnoConverting Engineering is synonymous with success.

Q: Next September, Illinois (Chicago) will be hosting WEFTEC, a major international event around water quality, in which Tecnoconverting will take part. What presence will you have there?

A: At our stand, customers will be able to get a taste of TecnoConverting Engineering’s full potential. We will be the first ones in the sector to present our lamella technology in virtual reality. Assistants will be able to see the whole process from the design of decanters to the working of scrapers. As always, TecnoConverting Engineering went for innovation.

Q: What do you expect from this fair?

A: It is worth noting that WEFTEC is the world’s most important fair in terms of water treatment. Clearly, participating in it is a statement of intentions: we have been working for the South American market for years, so WEFTEC is the fastest way to meet all our customers.

Q: What challenges are you facing during the internationalization of Tecnoconverting?

A: Our company has been exporting for years, we even have offices abroad, like in Portugal and more specifically in Porto. We are currently contemplating to even open offices in Mexico and France to be able to increase our service level. The normal aim for a company is to grow and consolidate with time.

Q: What is your way forward to pursue this objective of being present abroad?

A: To further consolidate our presence on foreign markets, which currently account for 80% of our turnover. Indeed, Spain is a market where nearly everything has already been done and there are few new projects. Apart from Latin America and Europe, we are also working in other countries such as Australia, Russia, the Emirates, etc.