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Water Treatment Technology

Tecno Classic Circular Scraper


  • Circular scrapers for decanters
    and sludge thickeners

Rascadores circulares

sistema Easy-Install
Circular Classic

The Tecno Classic circular scrapers are manufactured in stainless steel, which ensures the absence of corrosion and longer durability.

  • Blades can be adjusted both in height and tilt degrees.
  • Bottom rubber in EPDM.
  • It adapts itself to the imperfections of the civil, since they are completely adjustable.


The Tecno Classic models are meant to offer the best yield rate with the
maximum guarantee of performance. The reducers are dimensioned regarding the
diameters of the decanters and the concentration of sludge.

A traction system with a central axis, which is anchored to the bridge, allows the operation of the bottom blades and as a result of that, they carry out the collection of the bottom sludge.

Easy Install

We have our own team of assemblers at our customer’s disposal to guarantee the proper assembly and start up of the equipment.


Easy-Install System

Unique patented technology that allows to uninstall the gear motor of the scraper without removing the main shaft of the equipment, special for an easy maintenance of the installation.

In addition, the Easy Install system is an special assembly system prepared for an easy installation and transportation of the equipments.


Circular scrapers

Optional equipment:

  • Torque Switch.
  • Electric board.
  • Frequency inverter.
  • Telematic control system.



Circular Scrapers Circular Scrapers Circular Scrapers

English CLASSIC Scraper Catalogue

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TecnoConverting General Catalogue

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