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Water Treatment Technology

TecnoConverting Engineering is awarded its first project in Chile.

TecnoConverting Engineering is awarded its first project in Chile.

Chile becomes the 51st Country benefitting from TecnoConverting leading technology.

TecnoConverting Engineering reached a 97 over 100 in technical punctuation and an overall classification of 99 over 100, thus being awarded the complete retrofit of the lamellar decantation of one of the most important water treatment plants in Chile.









The retrofit project´s first phase comprises the substitution of the asbestos-cement lamellas for our TecnoTec H40 lamellas. With this substitution the treatment capacity of the plant is greatly enhanced and with it the capacity to absorb an increase in flow (lamellar resilience) caused by flash storms / floods.

Once the old lamellas have been removed, the second phase starts: the support structure will be substituted and the new Pultruded GRP model will be incorporated and then to finish with the installation of the lamellas with its anti-flotation system (prevents ascent due to hydraulic pressure).

Thanks to our EASY-INSTALL installation process, the complete system will be ready in record time, utilizing the projects´ workmanship, thus achieving important savings in labor and time.