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TecnoConverting France finishes the installation of several TecnoScraper rectangular bottom scrapers at the WWTP Perpignan.

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TecnoConverting France completed the substitution of several rectangular bottom scrapers at the WWTP in Perpignan. Once the support structure, lamellas and Thomson Trough launders were replaced, the client decided to substitute the bottom scrapers for the TecnoScraper state of the art rectangular bottom scraper system.

The TecnoScraper rectangular bottom scraper system incorporates the parallel detection function, which assures the continuous and correct aligned operation of the scraper. The TecnoScraper incorporates the automatic chain tension device as a standard feature, which maintains the correct tension on the chains, preventing the usual looseness that happen with time.


TecnoConverting France continues its consolidation as the lamella settling specialist and reference in France.

10 Jul, 19



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