Our Company

TecnoConverting Engineering has 3500 square meters destined to Engineering and manufacture of all of our equipment:




  • Plasma cutting capability allows us to manufacture our prototypes for current developments.


  • Mechanized workshop, with latest technology, with numeric control for accuracy in piece parts. TecnoConverting Engineering is the only company in Spain that doesn´t outsource for mounting nor installations.

All TecnoConverting Engineering mounting

are made by specialized technicians, securing the correct installation of all of our equipment, securing highest quality to all of our customers.

TecnoConverting Engineering, is the only company in Spain that doesn´t hire external entities for their installations.

Our workshop

fabricate our Manowar and Classic Scrapers as well as our Thomson Channels, Skimmers…

Lamella assembly line

the most advanced in the market, increasing the modules quality and shortening the fabrication process.