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TecnoConverting, through its subsidiary TECSOL, implements the extension of the WWTP of VILADECAVALLS

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TecnoConverting has finished the extension of the waste water treatment plant of Viladecavalls. This implementation includes the complete piping installation for the purge of sludge to the thickener and the expansion of part of the biological reactor, with supporting structures in order to ease the maintenance tasks.

The metal work has been realized in a record time using stainless steel pipes welded with TIG by the specialist technicians of TECSOL, because the full stop of the plant had to be as short as possible in order to start the WWTP immediately after the implementation.

This construction has allowed a significantly performance increase of the WWTP.

TECSOL is TecnoConverting´s subsidiary for metal works and maintenance at WWTPs.

With more than 20 years of experience into the water sector, TECSOL has worked into most of the water treatment stations in Catalonia, with such important references as the extension of Sabadell´s water treatment plant, with MBR technology, the desalination plant in El Prat de Llobregat and the desalination plant in La Tordera.

22 Sep, 13



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