Replacement parts for membrane modules

Replacement parts for membrane modules

Mahler Systems is an innovative, high-tech company specialized in the manufacture of microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes.

Our membrane modules have been successfully used for surface water purification, seawater desalination pretreatment, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, and clarification of fermentation broths.

We have developed production partnerships with industrial clients for the separation or concentration of biochemistry and pharmaceutical products, fruit juices, dairy, and automotive electrophoresis paint.

Mahler Membranes main benefits

Based on a patented PVDF material ( fluoride of polyvinylidene ) of high resistance. Mahler membranes have permanent Hydrophilic properties. The properties Hydrophilic not lost regardless of the exposure to light , the drying and variations weather . The hydrophilic properties will not wear off regardless the light exposure, drying and climatic variations.

PVDF enjoys superior physical strength and improved chemical stability.


  • Dry storage, engineering installation and maintenance do not require any pre-hydrophilization treatment, reducing the cost for transportation, operation and maintenance.


  • The uniform pore size ensures a consistent high permeability with minimal clogging. Exceptional anti-fouling properties and a long service life.


  • A large number of small diameter pores are distributed over the entire surface of the membrane with a narrow diameter distribution. This unique asymmetric structure guarantees a higher quality of the treated water and minimizes the settlement of dirt and clogging for a high and consistent water permeability.

MAHLER FMBR membranes are made from a strong non-woven fabric and coated with a functional layer of our patented, permanently hydrophilic PVDF membrane.

PVDF Material main benefits

  • Permanently hydrophilic
  • Improved durability, tensile and tear strength
  • High permeability
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Compact, permanent hydrophilic, high antifouling capacity, easy to clean and highly durable. The F-MBR is extremely strong and has a much better filtering capability in smaller spaces than hollow fiber membranes.

Mahler Systems has a huge commitment with the environment, we collect and recycle all the waste from old membranes at no client’s cost.

Spare Parts for Membrane Modules – Catalogue

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