TecnoTec Hexagonal Lamella

TecnoTec Hexagonal Lamella

The best design, The best lamella

Sedimentation is the one most widely used process to separate solids from liquids.

The TECNOTEC Lamella Modules increase the specific contact surface, causing an acceleration in the suspended solids separation thus accelerating the decantation process. Lamellae are ideal for depuration, potabilization and storm tanks.

Besides, installing lamellas in decanter tanks allow the increase of treatment capacity without modifying the tank structure.

A good lamella decanter dimensioning secures a very high decantation performance.

Our Lamella, fabricated in our own facilities, are manufactured in PP and PVC and comply with the RD 866/2008 and directive 2002/72/CE “contact with food and drinks”.



  • Clarification (DWTP´S)
  • Primary Sedimentation
  • Secondary Sedimentation
  • Terciary Treatment
  • Storm Tanks
  • Industrial waste water depuration



  • More SS separation capacity
  • More contact Surface per square meter
  • Civil work costs reduction
  • Tecno Assembly technology
  • Self-supporting
  • Smooth and uniform surface
  • UV radiation resistant
  • High mechanic resistance

See Specifications and types of Lamella according to the following tables

Turn-key projects:

We are the only company that manufacture the TecnoTec “Classic”, the new generation “Manowar®” circular scrappers and the TecnoTec rectangular scrapper.
Our engineering department design the equipment and our workshop develop the machining and fitting of the components, which guarantees the highest standards.
We manufacture and assemble our lamella in our facilities.
We manufacture our Thomson channels for clarified water collection in AISI 304 and 316 or GRP. The process begins with the customer´s drawing.



We offer to our customers the TecnoTec Sedagua software, our custom made simulation study, programmed with the fluid mechanics principles in conjunction with finite elements calculations, which allows to simulate the water and particles behaviour and movements in the settling tank, thus enabling us to offer high performance systems with up to 95% sedimentation efficiency

More Information at “settling engineering”

Support Structure

We also offer the support structure for the lamellae modules installation in the settling tanks.
The structure is manufactured in pultruded GRP and we perform structural calculations to each project to be able to guarantee a perfect support, considering clogged lamella modules up to 100%.

Anti-Flotation System:

To prevent the flotation of the lamella modules, we developed our anti-flotation system also manufactured in GRP.


We always make our equipment installation with our highly skilled installation team.
We developed our EASY-INSTALL® SYSTEM, as well as pre-assembled equipment so as to facilitate the process without compromising the quality and therefore allow our customers to perform the installation utilizing their own workforce.

Our supervision service provides mentorship to the customers workforce to help them perform better and faster with the highest quality in the installation.

The importance of excellent finishing and packing

At TecnoConverting we acknowledge the importance of quality finishing on our equipment as well as the use of first quality materiel.

We pay special attention to detail and value the importance of adequate packing to avoid damage during transportation to the final destination.

Lamella Brochure

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