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Conventional materials such as steel do not correspond to the actual performance limits

Evolution´s logic guide us towards modern plastic components. They are more durable, lighter, simple and safer to handle and fabricate. They are maintenance free and withstand the highest workload demands.

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Water and wastewater technology in plastic

TecnoConverting is among those pioneer enterprises that developed plastic waste water technologies, and thanks to its experience and knowledge, a trusted partner for industry and economy.
The best proof of its commitment is the multiple installed systems which demonstrate on a daily basis its reliability and safe operation.

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It is time to Transform and Decommission

A double service life as a minimum and up to ten times higher. The special plastics offer decisive advantages, especially in humid and extreme chemical conditions in regards to steel chains and conventional systems (bridge scrapers, sliding scrapers). TecnoConverting designs and completely installs new equipment but also transforms and retrofits existing equipment: An investment that pays off in a very short time.

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Technology for Industry and Municipal Facilities

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Up to 90% lighter than metal
  • Maintenance and lube oil free
  • Lasts 2 to 10 times longer than metal based systems
  • Saves up to 80% energy (less weight and friction)

Future Solutions based on one drive

TecnoConverting develops trends in international markets to achieve new and innovative solutions for the future: The high-load plastic chain and the blade aerator as a floating plastic sludge scraper are just two examples of this. A meticulously designed design, sophisticated technology and versatility set the standards for the future.

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Special plastics Obvious advantages

  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Farmaceutical
  • Paper mills
  • Waste water units
  • Petrochemicals/refineries
  • Drinking water treatment plants

Certified for drinking water applications

TecnoConverting´s mud and floating scum collectors have been validated for use in drinking water treatment plants by the Ruhr Hygiene Institut, Germany.

Rectangular Scraper TecnoScraper is a resource available for industry and municipal applications as support for design, fabrication and installation for scum removal and dehidratation. We provide technically competitive and profitable solutions to its customers.
Decades of knowledge and experience allow TecnoConverting to understand each challenge so as to apply the appropriate technology. From individual components up to complete mud treating systems, TecnoConverting´s commitment is to serve, provide technical support and deliver the best qualilty.

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Plastic Chain Scrapers

  • For continuous bottom mud removal and floating scum in purifying plants
  • Optimal results even with high sand concentration
  • More: high resistance chains and shafts for up to 140 m long and 12 meter wide tanks

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Plastic floating scraper

  • Waste water floating solid material removal for industrial installations and according to procedure requirements
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • More: plastic deposits for chlorhydryc acid and aggressive environments

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API plastic separators

  • For bottom mud and floating scum removal in petrochemicals / refineries
  • Special components for abrasive environments with oil content and high temperatures.
  • More: specialty chains and personalized material pickup
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TecnoConverting General brochure

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