Tecno Classic Circular Scraper

Tecno Classic Circular Scraper

Circular Scrapers for Decantation tanks and Mud thickeners

The Tecno Classic Scrapers have been developed with the EASY-INSTALL technology, which allows an easy and fast installation with no need of specialized technicians; thanks to this technology, the installation of our equipment abroad is easy and inexpensive; the Tecno Classic with the EASY-INSTALL technology have been installed in Spain, Mexico, Australia and more…

The Tecno Classic model has been calculated to offer the highest performance with maximum functioning guarantee. The reducers have been made to measure the decantation tank diameter and taking into consideration the mud concentration.

Based on a central traction shaft, properly anchored at the bridge, the arms are in motion to scrape the inferior mud.

Our assembly team is also available and guarantees the correct mounting and setup of the equipment

Tecno Classic-08

The Tecno Classic Scrapers are made of Stainless Steel which prevents corrosion and increases the life span of the equipment

  • Adjustable Blades both in height and inclination angle.
  • Collection rubber made of EPDM.
  • It adapts to the tanks imperfections as it is completely adjustable.

Optional Equipment:

  • Torque limiter.
  • Electric panel.
  • Variable Frequency drive.
  • Remote control via mobile or pc.

Tecno Classic Circular Scraper Brochure

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TecnoConverting General Brochure

TecnoConverting General BrochurePDF Download

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