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The importance of the anti flotation system into a lamellar decanter

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In several installations we have observed that the lamellar settler have been installed without an anti flotation system. The argument for most of the companies is always the same:

“The lamellas made of PVC, do not float, thus an anti flotation system is not necessary”

At TecnoConverting we know that the use of a good anti flotation system is essential, because we must consider the hydraulic force caused into the settlers by filling them with water.

Even when the filling is made slowly, the inclination of the lamellar module and the hydraulic push generates an ascendant force that makes the lamella move from the under structure.

The suspended solids load is also a factor that causes the movement of the modules: high concentration of solids and their density make the modules move and, in the worst case scenario, they could fall from the under structure that supports them.

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