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Why lamellar modules clog?

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It´s very common on thermo plastic lamellas the adhesion of algae, sludge, etc.

Some of the most common reasons for lamella clogging are the following:

–  Wrong sizing of the settler

–  Wrong definition of lamellar dimensions regarding the kind of water to treat.

–  High concentrations of TSS (total suspended solids)

–  Chemical reagents such as flocculants, coagulants, etc

–  Uncontrolled discharges (oil, grease, etc.)

–  Preferential channels on lamellar modules

–  Improper maintenance of the lamellar system

In the attached manual is explained the cleaning procedure during the technical no operation of the settler in order to improve the performance of the lamellas and allow a greater longevity of the installation.

14 Mar, 15



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