TecnoGrabber® Waste Collection Mesh

Designed to retain solid elements in sewer overflows

TecnoGrabber® systems provide a solution for capturing solid elements from sewage overflows during rain events.

These systems employ advanced technology with high-strength expandable screens and woven meshes to effectively capture solid elements that might otherwise end up in our natural environment.

TecnoConverting Engineering performs the relevant hydraulic calculations to size both the deflector screen and the collar, built entirely in stainless steel, together with the hydraulic and resistance calculations to ensure the correct diameter and length of the TecnoGrabber® waste containment system.

Deflectors for Galleries:

  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel baffles.
  • Design of the baffles that best adapt to your installations, whether in galleries, wells or collectors (interior or exterior).
  • In-house manufacturing.
  • Easy assembly and installation.

The system consists of a stainless-steel containment panel or deflector, with internal reinforcements to support the flow to be retained from the first rains. The flow is channeled towards the collection mesh.

TecnoGrabber® deflectors are made to measure and adapted to the galleries / overflow shafts and interior elements of the sewerage network.

These elements are made in stainless steel INOX 316L, with a minimum thickness of 10 mm with internal reinforcement and upper comb when required, in order to retain the maximum of solids through these elements.

Collars for manifolds:

  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel attachment collars.
  • Design of the collars that best suit your manifold installation.
  • The retaining collar has a rigid fastening system that holds the mesh, of great resistance.
  • Self-manufactured.
  • Easy assembly and installation.

The TecnoGrabber® spillway system with circular section consists of an inner collar that is fixed to the collector, allowing the mesh to be fastened. These elements are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with a specific design for resistance through its fastening system, which in turn allows the correct positioning of the collection mesh.

TecnoGrabber® retaining collar system has a rigid fastening system that holds the highly resistant mesh (similar to fishing nets, plastic material, Polyamide braided mesh). It is a 100% reusable and removable system. In this case, it is integrated at the end of the collector and the mesh is located externally.

Retention Clamps:


TecnoGrabber® retention clamps reduce the amount of waste released into the environment by means of their resistant metal rods.

  • They are space-saving.
  • Reusable.
  • Easily dismantled
  • Several of them can be placed in the same spillway.

This system is fixed to the walls and/or the floor of the sewer. The two rows of clamps allow, thanks to the rotation of the central shaft, a larger quantity of waste to be collected.

Kit TecnoGrabber®:

Tecnoconverting Engineering presents the new TecnoGrabber® video surveillance camera models to control in real time the status of the meshes inside the collectors.

The new TecnoGrabber® video cameras are self-sufficient and wireless; they can be connected to a small solar panel or work with a rechargeable battery.

Avoid unnecessary trips to your confined or difficult to access spaces, checking the filling of the meshes in real time during rainy episodes from your electronic device.

  • Solar powered battery.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Image resolution 2K – QHD.
  • Easy installation.
  • 355º panoramic camera and 140º tilt.
  • Motion detection and recording.
  • Receive instant notification on your electronic device or by email in case of motion detection.
  • Built-in 32GB micro SD card.
  • Cloud storage available.

Check mesh filling in real time

Check the status of spillways without moving


Solar powered battery


Infrared night vision


Motion detection and notification


Control and view from multiple devices

Acquire your TecnoGrabber® KIT with the waste collection mesh system you require + spare parts + wireless surveillance camera with solar panel.


TecnoGrabber® Brochure

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