Tecno-Grabber® Waste Collection Mesh

Tecno-Grabber® Waste Collection Mesh

Keep the environment free of waste thanks to the new Tecno-Grabber® system.

Tecno-Grabber® system is affordable, reliable and easy to install.

TecnoConverting Engineering has developed the new Tecno-Grabber® containment system, made of an ultra-resistant plastic material, each Tecno-Grabber® unit is capable to stand up to more than 100kg of weight and can be reused.

Keep Spillways Clean

  • Highly resistant braided mesh, capable of expanding and absorbing a large amount of waste material without breaking.
  • Standard diameter of 300mm and a length of 2m.
  • Other measures also available.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Easy installation.
  • We carry out the design of the installation that best suits your needs.


  • Custom made stainless steel baffles/deflectors.
  • Design of the baffles/deflectors that best suit your installation.
  • Own manufactured.
  • Easy assembly and installation.

TecnoConverting Engineering performs all the appropriate hydraulic calculations to size the deflector screen, made entirely of stainless steel, along with the hydraulic and resistance engineering calculations to ensure the correct diameter and length of the Tecno-Grabber® waste collection system.


Tecno-Grabber® Brochure

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