TecnoGrabber® Waste Collection Mesh

TecnoGrabber® Waste Collection Mesh

Keep the environment free of waste thanks to the new TecnoGrabber® system.

TecnoGrabber® system is affordable, reliable and easy to install.

TecnoConverting Engineering has developed the new TecnoGrabber® containment system, made of an ultra-resistant plastic material, each TecnoGrabber® unit is capable to stand up to more than 100kg of weight and can be reused.

Keep Spillways Clean

  • Highly resistant braided mesh, capable of expanding and absorbing a large amount of waste material without breaking.
  • Standard diameter of 300mm and a length of 2m.
  • Other measures also available.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Easy installation.
  • We carry out the design of the installation that best suits your needs.

Current Problems:

Solid waste from the streets and improper dumping in the WC, plus internal accumulations in the sewer are washed away in rainy periods, with overflowing of the sanitation systems.

This fact leads to a large amount of uncontrolled discharges into the environment that should/could be avoided.

Solution: TecnoGrabber® Systems

Designed to retain solid elements in sewer overflows, by means of high tenacity and high resistance expandable braided grids and meshes.

Avoiding the discharge of waste into the environment.

Deflectors For Air Vents Galleries:

  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel baffles.
  • Design of the baffles that best adapt to your installations, whether in galleries, wells or collectors (interior or exterior).
  • In-house manufacturing.
  • Easy assembly and installation.

The system consists of a stainless-steel containment panel or deflector, with internal reinforcements to support the flow to be retained from the first rains. The flow is channeled towards the collection mesh.

TecnoGrabber® deflectors are made to measure and adapted to the galleries / overflow shafts and interior elements of the sewerage network.

These elements are made in stainless steel INOX 316L, with a minimum thickness of 10 mm with internal reinforcement and upper comb when required, in order to retain the maximum of solids through these elements.

Collars for manifolds::

  • Custom fabricated stainless-steel attachment collars.
  • Design of the collars that best suit your manifold installation.
  • The retaining collar has a rigid fastening system that holds the mesh, of great resistance.
  • Self-manufactured.
  • Easy assembly and installation.

The TecnoGrabber® spillway system with circular section consists of an inner collar that is fixed to the collector, allowing the mesh to be fastened. These elements are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with a specific design for resistance through its fastening system, which in turn allows the correct positioning of the collection mesh.

TecnoGrabber® retaining collar system has a rigid fastening system that holds the highly resistant mesh (similar to fishing nets, plastic material, Polyamide braided mesh). It is a 100% reusable and removable system. In this case, it is integrated at the end of the collector and the mesh is located externally.

TecnoConverting Engineering performs the relevant hydraulic calculations to size both the deflector screen and the collar, built entirely in stainless steel, together with the hydraulic and resistance calculations to ensure the correct diameter and length of the TecnoGrabber® waste containment system.


TecnoGrabber® Brochure

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