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Media impact of the TecnoGrabber®

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As the sanitation needs of our cities and populated areas have been met by developing plans that have prioritized the basic need to provide networks of collectors and treatment facilities for water purification and stormwater drainage, new environmental challenges have emerged in terms of water reuse , flow lamination in urban centres and also in the management of overflows of wastewater and stormwater collectors, which involve the accumulation of significant volumes of waste in our rivers and seas. The composition of these residues is diverse, but with a high presence of plastics and fibers of very low or long biodegrability, causing an important environmental impact on the fauna and flora of the aquatic environment as well as the landscape. The removal of these waste from the environment is difficult and costly mainly due to accessibility and the waste being too scattered.

TecnoConverting’s TecnoGrabber® system aims to contain and minimize the discharge of waste from sewage network overflows, as well as wastewater and stormwater collectors. Its simple and effective design allows its installation at almost any discharge points on the network, with a very low cost of investment and operation.

As we mentioned, here is a list of the media impact that our TecnoGrabber® is generating:


Aguas Residuales  (ES)

Catalunya Radio (CAT)

iAgua (ES)

La Vanguardia (ES)

Marcianos (ES)

Curioctopus (FR)

Regió 7 (CAT)

Upsocl (ES)

Environmental Expert (EN)

Diari de Sabadell (CAT)

Aguas Residuales (ES)

Notagram (ES)

Demotivateur (FR)

Curioctopus (IT)

El Economista (ES)

Nació Digital (CAT)

NeozOne (FR)

Eco Avant (ES)

Curioctopus Guru (IT)

Gestores de Residuos (ES)

La Vanguardia (ES)

El Blog Verde (ES)

El Tierrero (ES)

Eco Inventos (ES)

Vonjour  (FR)

Via Empresa (ES)

El Magazin de Merlo (ES)

Manresa Diari (CAT)

EFE Verde (ES)

Yahoo (ES)

El Diario (ES)

Curioctopus (NL)

EFE Verde Radio (ES)

Virtual Pro (ES)

Residuos Profesionales (ES)

Picosico (ES)

Cope (ES)

Aguas Residuales (ES)

Microsoft News (ES)

Bright Side (EN)

El Economista (ES)

El mundo ecológico (ES)

Curioctopus (DE)

Sympa-sympa (FR)

Moitruong (VI)

Top Desat (SK)

Kenh 14 (VI)


Genial Guru (ES)

Illumeemag (EN)

Postjung (TH)

Greenlemon (EN)

Curioctopus (DE)

8deynews (FA)

Reterok (HU)

Ciencias ambientales (ES)

Teepr (CN)

Curioctopus (NL)

China Go Smart(CN)

Tudnivalók (HU)

Demotivateur (FR)

Globo Channel (IT)

Curioctopus (FR)

Ghatreh (FA)

Khoahoc tv (VI)

Wiemy (PL)

Brightside (EN)

Curioctopus (IT)

Waternet (UK)

Chaostrophic (EN)

Naturimages (FR)

Dongthoigian (VI)

Lp Yaem (TH)

Incrivel (PT)

Ledauphine (FR)

Revue (FR)

Intelligentliving (ENG)

Building-tech (RU)

Curiosidadesdaterra (PT)

Extremo Mundial (ES)

Ideas Verdes (ES)

Sain et naturel (FR)

Tecnhi-Cités (FR)

Echodumardi (FR)

Bonnewshaiti (FR)

17 Nov, 20



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