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Manowar, the bridgeless scraper of TecnoConverting

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TecnoConverting has the innovative scraper system Manowar, bridgeless circular scraper, which minimizes all the drawbacks of traditional models on most decanters.

With Manowar technology all the defects of the old models are corrected. Although the function is the same, the design is completely different scraper older models. From a traction system anchored at the end of the decanter, no existing rotating bridge, but two floating blades with self-leveling function to maintain always its correct position with the water level on the settler.
This technology, consisting entirely of materials resistant to corrosion and high durability, has a diametric system for the scum collection, which enables a faster and efficient scum removal.

Also, the system is designed to minimize the damage originated in civil engineering. Being a system with a floating part that requires less structure for its operation, without the scraper bridge Manowar there’s no supportation directly in the structure of the settler, so the damage from friction and wear are eliminated.
The scraper also has a sludge collection in the bottom of the decanter, which like the surface scraper minimizes damage to civil works.
Furthermore, with the Manowar system it´s possible to obtain an energy improvement in the WWTP, as is energetically optimized to work with less powerful engines, selected for optimal plant operation.

Manowar scraper is fully compatible with the lamellar systems to further optimize decantation, and facilitates the covering of the decanter to eliminate odor problems, using for this purpose coverage of reduced dimensions thanks to the absence of the bridge, which means lower cost of installation.

11 Sep, 13



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