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TecnoGrabber®: TecnoConverting’s Solution for Protecting the Llobregat River in Navarcles, El Bages

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Navarcles joins the list of municipalities in Bages that are implementing systems to prevent pollution from reaching our environment. In this city, they have a major issue with waste coming out of the landfill, mainly wipes that get stuck in vegetation and end up in the Llobregat river during rainy episodes.


In January 2024, TecnoConverting installed a TecnoGrabber® system in Navarcles, marking a significant advancement in environmental preservation in the region. This system, which consists of a 3-meter-wide deflector equipped with an upper comb and 8 high-resistance meshes, was strategically positioned to intercept and capture solid waste, thus preventing contamination in the natural environment, especially in the river and surrounding vegetation during rains.

One of the highlights of this installation is its proximity to an animal shelter, emphasizing the importance of protecting wildlife and the local ecosystem. After the first rains in March, the effective operation of the system has been evident, retaining a large amount of waste, mainly sanitary wipes and plastics, that would have otherwise ended up in the environment.


With a maximum retention capacity of 2,400 kg of solid waste, the TecnoGrabber® system ensures effective waste capture and retention, thus contributing to environmental preservation.

Furthermore, each TecnoGrabber® system is equipped with our distinctive TecnoGrabber® logo and QR code. This QR code redirects citizens encountering our systems to the website There, they can learn more about how our innovative system works and how it contributes to maintaining a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We take pride in offering this environmental education tool, enabling everyone to understand the importance of their role in conserving our natural resources.


Where Do the Waste Come From?

The waste that ends up clogging river systems comes from various sources. Firstly, a significant portion of the waste originates from improper practices by citizens, who dispose of inappropriate waste in the toilet, such as sanitary wipes and other non-biodegradable materials.

Additionally, dirt and debris accumulated on the streets can be washed into river systems during precipitation episodes. Furthermore, internal sewage build-ups, which may include solid waste and undissolved materials, contribute to river and stream contamination when the system overflows.

TecnoConverting reaffirms its commitment to environmental protection and continues to implement effective solutions like TecnoGrabber® systems to address current environmental challenges.

14 Mar, 24



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