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TecnoConverting Solves Corrosion Problem in Municipal WWTP with Advanced Technology

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TecnoConverting Engineering has successfully implemented an advanced solution for a primary clarifier suffering from a severe corrosion problem in a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Portugal. The company installed a MANOWAR scraper and a flat aluminium cover, replacing the previous infrastructure and significantly improving the efficiency and safety of the plant.


Primary decanter affected by corrosion problems.

Faced with serious problems due to corrosion caused by corrosive gases in its primary decanter, the customer turned to TecnoConverting for expert advice and a lasting solution. The original structure, which had a vaulted roof protecting a radial scraper bridge, was showing alarming signs of deterioration, compromising the safety of internal operations.


TecnoConverting Engineering MANOWAR Scraper.


TecnoConverting recommended a complete solution involving the removal of the existing bridge and cover, followed by the installation of a MANOWAR scraper and a new flat aluminium cover. The MANOWAR scraper, a diametral system, not only doubles the sludge removal efficiency compared to the radial bridge system, but also reduces the volume of air to be treated thanks to its innovative design. This design reduces the required air extraction flow rate while it allows the installation of the new cover over the previous radial bridge runway.


Aluminium cover

The new flat aluminium cover, in addition to being corrosion-resistant, is designed to withstand the passage of people and additional loads, representing a breakthrough in terms of functionality and operational safety. “This solution not only effectively addresses the corrosion problem, but also improves the operability and safety of the facility,” said Rui Silva, General Manager of TecnoConverting Portugal.

05 Mar, 24



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