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Tecnoconverting Installs New TecnoGrabber® System in El Pont de Vilomara, Barcelona

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Thanks to the initiative of Aigües de Manresa, Tecnoconverting designed and manufactured a 1,600 mm wide deflector equipped with 4 meshes of 300 mm diameter that was installed in a manhole through which the water flows directly into the Llobregat River.

When there is an excess flow in the sewerage network due to heavy rainfall, it is discharged directly into the river, in this case the Llobregat, carrying with it a variety of waste.


However, with the implementation of the TecnoGrabber® system, it is expected to prevent this waste from toilets and streets from contaminating the river, thus contributing to the preservation of aquatic life and water quality.

One of the features of this system is its retention capacity of up to 1200 kg of waste, which guarantees a significant reduction in pollution in the area.

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