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TecnoConverting Engineering installs its first Manowar scraper in Portugal

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In this case, it was the primary clarifier of a water treatment plant located in a very tour-istic area of the Algarve. The reason why Manowar technology was chosen was the bad smells generating in the clarifier and the impossibility to cover the latter because of the existing scraper. Therefore, the customer went for our Manowar scraper, which, being totally made of stainless steel, is not affected by hydrogen sulphide and doesn’t suffer from corrosion. Also, thanks to Manowar technology, the (previous) radial scraper gave way to a diametrical scraper system, which improved sludge and floating particles extraction performance.












It is worth mentioning that our Manowar scraper won the IAGUA Award for best technological product, after having previously won the SMAGUA award for best technological innovation.

For more information about our Manowar scrapers, Click here.

17 Jan, 18



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