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TecnoConverting Engineering will supply two Manowars® in Portugal

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TecnoConverting Engineering will soon supply two new Manowar® MARKII model scrapers for a WWTP in Portugal. The new model MARKII is the natural evolution of the mythical bridgeless scraper MANOWAR®; this newest developed version is following the EASY-INSTALL system principles, which will facilitate even further the installation process, allowing also that in only one 40’ sea container we will be able to transport up to four (4) complete 40 m diameter Manowar® scrapers.

All Manowar® scrapers are fabricated in stainless-steel, which secures a corrosion free system and are intended to incorporate lamella modules as well as allow it to be covered, in spite of the presence of the sulphydric acid, as it will not affect the scraper, therefore allowing the deodorization.

The MANOWAR® technology has been functioning since 2010 and counts with references in several countries such as Australia, Russia, Spain, Portugal…

04 Apr, 19



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