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TecnoConverting finishes the lamella settling for the upgrade of one Wastewater treatment plant near Barcelona.

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In this new project, TecnoConverting Engineering built, supplied and installed all lamellar settling for the upgrade of an urban wastewater treatment plant. The lamella model considered was the TecnoTec H60 with a projected surface of 12,25 m²/m³ (one of the highest in the market), the complete support structure supplied in pultruded GRP and the SAF anti-flotation system, which prevents any movement of the modules while filling or emptying the clarifiers.

The installed Thompson launders were fabricated in AISI 316 L Stainless Steel and were designed to be self-supporting, which eliminates any support structure.

TecnoConverting’s specialized team of technicians performed the complete installation, which secures a correct installation and performance of all equipment.

It´s worth to highlight that TecnoConverting Engineering is the only company that performs the complete installation of its equipment with its own team of specialized technicians.

10 Oct, 19



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