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TecnoConverting France completes the retrofit of all lamella settling from one of the most important WWTP in France

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TecnoConverting France finished the refurbishment of the complete lamellar settling in one of the most important WWTP in France. The refurbishment of the complete lamellar system included: substitution of all lamella modules incorporating the TecnoTec® H-80 Lamella, the substitution of the support structure by the TecnoConverting structure, calculated to withstand 100% lamella clogging; TecnoConverting exclusive design Stainless Steel Thomson Trough channels were also incorporated, as well as our Tecno sludge bottom scraper.

The need to retrofit the settling tank had to be performed since the old support structure collapsed, thus collapsing all lamellas and damaging the bottom scraper. Although it may look as an isolated case, it´s a recurring situation we face with daily, for several years now. TecnoConverting Engineering has been calling the attention of this bad practice in lamella installations; all TecnoConverting designed support structures are calculated to secure that said structures are capable of withstand at least 50% clogging.

TecnoConverting Engineering is the only lamella specialized company that supplies by defect the structural calculations of the support structure of each lamella installation, providing the end customer to know to what extent is the lamella installation capable of sustaining sludge excess load that can be caused either accidentally, suspended solids excess or a poor maintenance program.

With this new project, TecnoConverting France consolidates itself as the lamella settling reference company in France.

28 May, 19



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