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TecnoConverting signs contract for the supply of press filter cloth for Portugal´s DWTP

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TecnoConverting represents and distributes in Portugal filtration cloth for Press Filters and Belt Filters from the highly specialized in liquid filtration company FINSA – Filtros Industriales, S.L.
FINSA fabricated clothes from the weave to the final confection and counts with its own laboratory for filtration trials.

During 2018, TecnoConverting performed industrial filtration trials in two water treatment plants in Portugal with the purpose of improving the filtration process.

TecnoConverting´s Engineering Department performed trials with selected clothes for each plant; the results were a significant improvement in filtration, a better cake detachment, important reduction in energy and cleaning water consumption as well as reduction in time between filtration cycles.

On top of these factors, TecnoConverting verified the clothes durability increase while in function.

Starting 2019, and based on the positive results of the trials, TecnoConverting signed contracts for the supply of new press filter clothes for three (3) DWTP in Portugal.

20 Mar, 19



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