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TecnoConverting supplies two API scrapers to Colombia

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TecnoConverting has supplied two API rectangular scrapers of 24 meters long per 2,5 meters wide for Colombia Port, which presented a high concentrations of oils on its waters.

The rectangular scrapers, manufactured mostly in high strength plastic to ensure its durability, allow an easy installation and are clearly intended in terms of energy savings, safety and maintenance.

The metal parts of such scrapers are completely made in high quality stainless steel to eliminate rust problems on installations exposed to abrasive environments such as saline areas.

With the installation of this type of scrapers for oil removal, manufactured entirely with resistant materials, it´s ensured a reliable and durable installation.

Thanks to the new Easy-Install system, the assembly of the equipments was carried out by the client in a very easy way. This system, developed by TecnoConverting, consists on providing clients the equipments preassembled for its easy installation. For a higher trust, the client has the possibility of hiring a TecnoConverting technician to supervise the installation and assembly of the supplied equipments.

24 Mar, 14



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