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TecnoConverting supply two new scrapers for Lamiaren WWTP

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TecnoConverting had supplied two new rectangular scrapers of large dimensions for EDAR de Lamiaren, in Urdaibai (Vizcaya).

The rectangular scrapers, manufactured in high strength plastic to ensure durability, allow easy installation and are clearly intended in terms of energy saving, safety and maintenance.

In Lamiaren WWTP, due to corrosion problems by being in a saline environment next to the sea, the property decided to incorporate rectangular scrapers in thermoplastic material TecnoConverting brand, with this decision all corrosion problems on this kind of installations were eliminated.

The rectangular scrapers TecnoConverting are widely known due to several references on the market; their robustness and efficiency are synonymous of its quality and good performance.

The assembly of the scrapers in Lamiaren WWTP was in charge of TecnoConverting technical staff; with this decision the correct assembly was secured. It´s an usual problem that the assembly operators are outsourced to external assemblers, which leads to subsequent malfunctions on the scrapers. The fact that the assemblies are made by internal TecnoConverting technicians assures a proper operation of the facilities.

At the same time, with the new TecnoConverting Easy-Install system, the assembly of the equipments is relatively easy. This system consists on supplying the equipments pre assembled for it´s easy installation. For a better rely, there´s the possibility to have the supervision by a TecnoConverting specialist technician for the assembly and installation of the supplied equipments.


03 Jun, 14



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