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The added value of engineering

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TecnoConverting Engineering was founded in 2005 with the purpose of solv-ing the different problems arising in the water treatment industry. During all these years, our group has grown and included new companies such as Barmatec, a firm specializing in aeration and blowing systems, TecnoCon-verting Portugal, our Portuguese branch with headquarters in Porto, from where we provide customers with a more direct service. And two new com-panies, also from the water sector, are planned to be joining the group soon.

TecnoConverting Engineering products enjoy an established position on the market. At TecnoConverting Engineering, we decided to have an engineer-ing department of our own, keeping away from the patterns of commercial companies or boilermaking workshops. This allowed us to design and build our own equipment that meet operators’ real needs and can work under ex-treme conditions, with a maximized working life.

  • Tecnoconverting’s engineering department has grown over time and developed full processing units around our own technology designs, that integrate other equipment and market technologies.
  • TecnoClassic scrapers: with a central axle and fishbone-shaped shovels to improve sludge collection in clarifiers..
  • Quantum Technology: designed to remove the filamentous foams that ap-pear in biological reactors, it received the support of the CDTI (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) in its development phase.
  • Lamellar technology: TecnoConverting Engineering uses CFD simulations to create lamella designs of their own that guarantee the best sedimenta-tion results.Manowar scraper: with its lateral axle, this bridgeless scraper adapts even to larger diameters, such as 50-m clarifiers. With these models, you can easily cover the clarifier to avoid odors or, even, install lamellar modules later on while still using the same scraper.
  • Automatic skimmers: they are remotely leveled for the collection of floating parti-cles in clarifiers.

TecnoConverting Engineering has its own boilermaking workshop, allowing them to control the whole manufacturing process and its continuous improvement based on experience.

TecnoConverting totally adheres to the principle of “think global, act local” and treats each installation in an individualized and detailed way, taking into account the customer’s needs and the functional and maintenance aspects of each facility. This is why more and more projects and studies are being implemented on facilities where conventional solutions have failed, and TecnoConverting’s engineering, specialization and experience have added significant value.
A clear example of this is last year’s project in Venezuela where we de-signed, built and installed 22 12-meters-wide and 100-meter-long scrapers in three water treatment plants. It was a complex project, since each de-canter was 24 meters wide, had floors sloping on both sides towards the center because the existing scrapers were mobile bridges moving along the top of the walls to cover all 100 meters of length.

TecnoConverting gives each project an individualized and detailed ap-proach.

The two major difficulties in that project were, on the one hand, the partition of each 24-meter clarifier into two 12-meter ones to increase performance and, on the other hand, how to get the new sweepers to adapt to the exist-ing floor slopes. These difficulties were particularly critical in a country where concrete is extremely expensive (more even than titanium) and where any civil work solution was unfeasible. The client entrusted the pro-ject to TecnoConverting after discarding other offers, which, instead of adapting to the particularities and needs of the client, wanted the project to adapt to their own solution.

The solution adopted consisted in avoiding the construction of physical walls to divide the existing tanks, through the installation, at the bottom of the clarifiers, of two 12-meter wide horizontal scrapers with a special cen-tral support made of stainless steel. This system allowed the equipment to work evenly despite the sloping floors. In order to ensure correct sweeping of the bottom sludge, TecnoConverting integrated special thermoplastic supplements in the scraper blades to make them asymmetrical and com-pletely adapted to the inclined geometry of the bottom.
DEWA, our Finnish branch, participated in the project with the supply of standard longitudinal sweeping equipment, while TecnoConverting took care of the adaptation engineering and the manufacture of all special elements, as well as the supervision of assembly. The EASY-INSTALL system helped make assembly easier so as not to bring over specialized technicians, which would have significantly impacted the cost of the project.

TecnoConverting scrapers are currently showing excellent performance, while solving the problem of the previous mobile bridges. Furthermore, the installation brilliantly overcame the difficult task of working during the harsh drought that hit the country last year, during which high concentrations of influent sludge were coming from empty reservoirs.

10 Jan, 18



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