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The importance of structural calculation related to lamella´s support

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There have been many companies that have contacted TecnoConverting in order to solve problems of lamellas which have turn out to be overfilled and have collapsed the supported structure.

Many companies usually do not consider that the overfilling of the lamellas may cause structural damages on the settler but the real thing is that, when the maintenance duties become more expensive, and mostly due to an incorrect dimensioning, the accumulation of solids at the lamella´s walls grows, the speed of overfilling increases so that they can be filled with sludge very quickly, exceeding values of 50 to 70% and causing irreversible damages on the supporting structure, the lamellas or even the maintenance crew, who might be working at lamella´s cleaning tasks.

Avoiding these issues shouldn´t mean the use of an over dimensioned support structure, which would cause an unnecessary cost increase.

A safe investment for our installation is a good calculation that allows us to use the type of lamella that better fits our pouring needs and guarantees the best performance of the installation.

At TecnoConverting we test our structures with powerful calculation programs that are able to simulate the different status of saturation on the lamellas and ensure the correct performance and the security of the installation.

This calculation program, designed by the experts of TecnoConverting, allows the possibility to represent the behavior of the water inside the settler and foresee which areas of the pool will be more effective, in order to finally ensure the best performance of the pouring, considering the kind of water that´s going to be treated or the concentration of suspended solids.

TecnoConverting is the only company in the international market that provides the calculation of the support structure, considering the specific loads of every single case, bearing in mind the kind of treated water. The fact of making this kind of study by default has lead several public entities related to water management to ask for these technical studies, before taking the decision to approve the construction, as a result of bad experiences in the past.

29 Apr, 14



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