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The TecnoGrabber® is granted the Solidarity and Responsibility award by the municipality of Sant Fruitós de Bages

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– The award was given within the framework of the 4th Business Night of the municipality.

– This system can retain between 3 and 5 tons of waste per year at each point where it is installed.

The multinational TecnoConverting and, more specifically, its TecnoGrabber® system, has been awarded the Solidarity and Responsibility award at the 4th Sant Fruitós de Bages Business Night. As the organization of the event stated, the TecnoGrabber® “is an innovative system that, in a simple and ingenious way, keeps rivers and seas clean of waste”.

The TecnoGrabber® are mesh tubes which once integrated into wastewater collectors, retain solid waste to prevent it from reaching the river or the sea with low cost and an easy installation. This system has recently been installed in a pilot test –the first in Central Catalonia- in Sant Fruitós de Bages, the municipality where TecnoConverting has its headquarters. It is expected that, at this specific spot, it will retain about 3.5 tons of waste each year which in episodes of heavy rain would exceed the canalization and end up flowing into the river.

During de 4th Business Night, other companies and businesses from the municipality were awarded for their outstanding careers or for standing out in their own fields. The event, in which Lídia Piqué, CEO of TecnoConverting, collected the award, was chaired by Sant Fruitós de Bages’ mayor, Àdria Mazcuñán, along with other authorities.

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