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There is trust again in TecnoConverting Engineering for the development of design, construction and supply of lamellar settlers for a major company in Germany

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Some years ago TecnoConverting Engineering was ranked as one of the first reference brands in lamellar settling in Germany.

Thanks to the simulation models and a powerful engineering on lamellar settling, TecnoConverting is exporting, not only equipments but also its Know-how in different European countries.

And thanks to the Easy Install system, which facilitates the assembly of its equipments without the necessity of qualified personnel; and simulation models, that guarantee the maximum efficiency with minor manufacturing cost, position TecnoConverting Engineering as a reference in European water treatment sector, displacing other brands present in the market that, today don´t invest in R&D and only live obsessed with selling at whatever price, reducing the quality of their products.

04 Mar, 15



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