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Treatment at the Ibiza Airport Water Treatment Plant

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TecnoConverting has completed a turnkey project for the new compact physicochemical treatment at the Ibiza Airport Water Treatment Plant. The installation will allow a reduction of water load entering the biological treatment phase in situations of high demand, ensuring the quality of the treated effluent in the plant.

The compact treatment has been designed for an average flow of 15 m3/h and a maximum of 30 m3/h. The installation involves a coagulation tank, equipped with a fast vertical stirrer and pH meter, a flocculation tank with a slow vertical stirrer, and a compact lamellar decanter, with TecnoTec H80 lamella and an average Hazen speed of 0.47 m/h. The construction of the tanks has been made in PPH with a stainless steel structure, and the hydraulic connections in PVC.

For the coagulant and flocculant dosages, two specific facilities have been provided with a storage tank and a panel with 1+1R electromagnetic dosing pumps. The reagent installation has been completed with a PP magnetic transfer pump to fill the coagulant tank, level meters for both the storage tanks and the dilution water flow for the flocculant.

Regarding the purge of the sludge in the primary decanter, a horizontal centrifugal pump with a shredder blade has been installed.

The installation is completed with an electrical panel that includes the equipment electrical protection and a PLC with HMI screen to set the equipment control and operation instructions.

The compact design of TecnoConverting equipment and its design, manufacturing and installation capacity using company’s own resources has allowed the project execution to be carried out in just 3 months.

15 Dec, 20



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