Engineering specialized in lamellar decantation.

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27Jan, 23
Kit TecnoGrabber®
Monitor the status of collectors and spillways in real time during rainfall events with TecnoGrabber® video surveillance cameras. The TecnoGrabber® Monitoring Kit comes as a result...

CHECK THE CONDITION OF YOUR SPILLS WITH THE NEW Tecnograbber® video surveillance cameras Control the filling of the meshes in real time during rain episodes from...

  In order to show the world that big problems often have simple and effective solutions, the @Tecnograbber profile gives information about the functioning and advantages of this low-cost...

TecnoConverting has designed, manufactured and supplied the lamellar coagulation-flocculation and decanting units for the treatment of effluents in a project for a desalination plant (36.000 m3/d)...

As the sanitation needs of our cities and populated areas have been met by developing plans that have prioritized the basic need to provide networks of...