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TecnoGrabber® in Parla: Transforming Waste Challenges into Sustainable Solutions

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The town of Parla (Madrid) has experienced significant progress in waste management with the installation of two innovative TecnoGrabber® waste collection systems. The devices, strategically located in a wide spillway that flows directly into the local creek, prove effective even in challenging weather conditions.


Both TecnoGrabber® systems have distinctive characteristics. One is equipped with a deflector with a top comb for even more effective collection of solid waste, and has 8 collection meshes. The second, with an oval shape, incorporates 6 collection meshes, offering versatility and efficiency.


Since their installation in December 2023, these systems have proven their worth by changing the meshes twice, accumulating an impressive total of 8.4 tons of collected waste recolectados. Even after recent heavy rains in the region, images and videos reveal that the meshes, despite being full, allow the continuous flow of water, evidencing the ability of the TecnoGrabber® models to maintain functionality despite adverse conditions.

TecnoConverting’s commitment to sustainable innovation and environmental preservation is clearly reflected in the success of the TecnoGrabber® systems in Parla, marking another step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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