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TecnoConverting Engineering Introduces TecnoGrabber® system

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TecnoConverting Engineering presents TecnoGrabber®, a new waste collection system for sewage and stormwater networks.


TecnoConverting Engineering has developed the new TecnoGrabber® waste collection system, made of an reusable ultra resistant plastic net fixed on a stainless steel baffle, each TecnoGrabber® unit is capable to retain more than 100kg of residues drawn with waste water, avoiding its discharge to environment.


TecnoConverting Engineering performs all hydraulic calculations to size the fixation baffle, made entirely of stainless steel, along with the hydraulic and resistance engineering calculations to ensure the correct diameter and length of the TecnoGrabber® waste collection system.


The first pilot test was carried out at the overflow spillway of the waste water sewer of Sabadell city in Barcelona. The aim was to minimize the impact of waste discharge to the environment in overflow episodes. A TecnoGrabber® system composed by 3 outlets was installed and after one year test the following results have been achieved:


  • Each TecnoGrabber® net has captured/collected more than 100 kgr of residues.


  • In order to accumulate the 100 kgr of residues, it took 3-4 overflow periods.


  • The frequency of cleaning the net system and the removal of residues has been 9 times during a year period.


  • During this year, more than 2.7 Tons of residues have been collected, preventing this waste from being discharged in the river.


It is important to note that this pilot test was carried out in just one single location, and if same test might be carried out at 10 sites of the sewer network, more than 20.7 Tons of waste would have been avoided to be discharged in the river..


TecnoGrabber® system is affordable, reliable and easy to install.

Keep the natural environment clean and waste-free with the new TecnoGrabber® system.

17 Jul, 20



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