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Kit TecnoGrabber®

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Monitor the status of collectors and spillways in real time during rainfall events with TecnoGrabber® video surveillance cameras.

The TecnoGrabber® Monitoring Kit comes as a result of our will to provide operators with a way to control the status of collectors and retention meshes in real time, especially during rainy periods, which has been one of their most frequent requests.

The footage below, recorded by our video surveillance system, shows the gradual increase of flow in the spillway and the subsequent extraction of our TecnoGrabber® meshes.



You can have remote access to the camera from any electronic device. The camera has a motion detection system, which can be easily configured to record the area for a predetermined period of time, for later viewing. In addition, you can configure the application to receive notifications on your device or by email when movement is detected in the installation area.

Our video surveillance systems are equipped with infrared night vision, which allows 24-hour monitoring of the mesh filling even in indoor installations with no light.



27 Jan, 23



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