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TecnoConverting Engineering performs the complete settling in a drinking water plant in Panama

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TecnoConverting Engineering performed all the lamellar decantation and partitions for the flocculators of one of the most important drinking water plants in Panama. Detailed engineering had to be carried out, considering the support structure and anti-flotation system in stainless steel, Thompson launders, the bulkhead partition walls, supplied in food grade HDPE with stainless steel reinforcements.

The supplied lamellar modules were the TecnoTec H60 model in High Density Polypropylene.

The Panama administration, IDAAN, is one of the most demanding agencies, so it does not allow the installation of lamellar modules that do not have the certification of suitability for drinking water.

It´s worth to mention that TecnoConverting Engineering is the only European company that has the NSF-61 certification for its lamellar modules.

The entire installation was carried out with the EASY-INSTALL system, which allows operators without experience in assembling lamellar modules, to be able to successfully execute the installation in a shorter time and with considerable expenses reduction for the client.

11 Oct, 19



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