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TecnoConverting Engineering finishes another lamellar installation that has collapsed in Portugal

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TecnoConverting Engineering finishes the repair and substitution of the under support structure, lamellar modules and anti-flotation SAF system for one of the most important WWTP in Portugal.

Unfortunately the existing installation has collapsed due to a miscalculation of the under support structure, that caused the total fall of the lamellar modules into the settler.

 The installation process was quite complex, since there was no physical space to carry the lamellar modules and no crane to access the inside of the settlers. It is not common, but we have found in several cases that before building the roof or walls of the settling zone all equipments are installed inside without contemplating how to access them in case of repair.

In TecnoConverting Engineering we use our own means: we install an internal crane that we have enabled for this type of work. Our technicians before beginning assembly, traveled to Portugal just to check the measurements. This way the lamellar modules could be manufactured and installed, and the entire assembly was finished in less than a week.

TecnoConverting Engineering has become the leading company in settling technology in Portugal, being consulted by the Portuguese authorities directly when there are extreme cases as mentioned above.

07 Mar, 14



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