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TecnoConverting, the exclusive representative of DEWA rectangular chain scrapers in Spain and Portugal

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TecnoConverting is the new representative of rectangular chain scrapers of the prestigious Finnish brand DEWA, known for its high quality equipments and durability, made mostly in plastic and totally certified materials for use in drinking water.

Currently, DEWA has over more than 1000 sludge and scum scrapers installed all over the world, including drinking water plants, wastewater, API models, and desalination plants.

The DEWA scrapers allow a perfect adaption to any tank, minimizing any dead zone that may lower the performance of the installation. The removal efficiency of DEWA chain scraper is greater than any other designed equipment with chain collectors, flights, sprockets and motors with metallic parts.

Dewa systems are designed to operate in clarifiers over 40 meters long and 12 meters wide, with 2 or 3 shaft for scum or sludge removal systems, and 4 shaft for equipments that combine both  functions.

In addition, Dewa is the only company that offers a unique system for chain tensioning without any need for draining the tank, which significantly minimizes maintenance of the facilities.

Dewa offers a spare parts and monitoring service of its equipments all over the world: from now on TecnoConverting works closely with DEWA to carry out all this tasks in Spain and Portugal, and to be able to offer this way, the best service to customers with the advantage of proximity and fast service on the supply of this excellent rectangular chain scrapers for sludge and scum removal.

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03 Mar, 14



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