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Water Treatment Technology

Specialists in lamellar decantation, perform engineering, custom design, construction and installation of the best technical solution for our clients.

Manowar Scraper functioning in Portugal

TecnoConverting Engineering successfully completed the installation of our Manowar Scraper for a primary decanter in one of the most important treatment plants in the country, in the vicinity of Algarve.

The Manowar Scraper offers a cover System for odor control, a feature that has made it very popular.

Isolation and protection to the decanter and odor control to the surrounding can be appreciated in the pictures below.







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TecnoConverting Engineering is awarded its first project in Chile.

TecnoConverting Engineering is awarded its first project in Chile.

Chile becomes the 51st Country benefitting from TecnoConverting leading technology.

TecnoConverting Engineering reached a 97 over 100 in technical punctuation and an overall classification of 99 over 100, thus being awarded the complete retrofit of the lamellar decantation of one of the most important water treatment plants in Chile.

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TecnoConverting Engineering begins a remodeling project on several primary and secondary decanters in Romania

TecnoConverting Engineering, through its Romanian branch, has begun to remodel several primary and secondary decanters in one of the country’s most important treatment plants. The plan is to replace the conventional scraper bridges with Manowar technology. This will allow the covering of the decanters, thus helping their deodorization by correcting bad smells and corrosion problems due to hydrogen sulfide’s action on the carbon steel structure. The fact that we had a branch in Romania has been a key reason in applying for the project because the client clearly specified that companies taking part in the tender needed to have a physical presence in the country.

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TecnoConverting Portugal supplies its first artificial wetland

For the first time, TecnoConverting Portugal supplied and installed an artificial wetland manufactured by the prestigious Waves Floating System company. TecnoConverting is the Waves Floating System’s exclusive representative in Spain, Portugal and France. Their growing popularity is partly due to the fact that their processing plants provide water decontamination solutions through a passive, natural, low maintenance and simple operation process.

Compared to conventional artificial wetlands, the Waves Floating System does not require soil and plants float above the spillway, achieving a large contact surface between roots and residual waters. This reduces flow velocity and increases purification performance.

In the conversion of conventional artificial wetlands, the Waves Floating System immediately solves the chronic obstruction/clogging problem.








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Thomson channels with adjustable spillways

We are developing new self-supporting Thomson channels made of stainless steel with adjustable v-notch spillways. The particularity of these channels is the easy construction and on-site assembly. With this model, spillways can be dismantled, which makes more room for storage or transport, and therefore reduces costs.

It has already been a while that we dimension our channels in order for them to be self-supporting. This way, we avoid supporting or leaning structures and ensure a better lamellar decanting performance by eliminating load losses due to these supports.







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TecnoConverting Portugal supplies and installs several rectangular scrapers for an industrial water treat-ment plant in the Azores

Due to the large amount of floating particles generated by the treatment plant, it was necessary to go for a robust and reliable extraction system that would not deteriorate over time. For this reason, the customer chose our DEWA rectangular scrapers. These scrapers, made of thermoplastic materials and stainless steel, and exclusively repre-sented by TecnoConverting, are the most effective solution for the removal of sludge and floating particles in water treatment plants. For more information click here.

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TecnoConverting Engineering installs its first Manowar scraper in Portugal

In this case, it was the primary clarifier of a water treatment plant located in a very tour-istic area of the Algarve. The reason why Manowar technology was chosen was the bad smells generating in the clarifier and the impossibility to cover the latter because of the existing scraper. Therefore, the customer went for our Manowar scraper, which, being totally made of stainless steel, is not affected by hydrogen sulphide and doesn’t suffer from corrosion. Also, thanks to Manowar technology, the (previous) radial scraper gave way to a diametrical scraper system, which improved sludge and floating particles extraction performance.

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